Ro Osborne 

Co Founder/Personal Trainer

Jason Corrie
Founder & Master PT

Elite Private Fitness was founded in 2013 by Jason Corrie and Ro Osborne, delivering expert training to the heart of a company: within its walls. It started as filling a need from clients for more 'personal' training, beyond classic techniques to understanding and educating clients how to optimise the results from exercise, heal from injuries and lose weight.

Today, Elite Fitness takes those same insights and creates gyms inside companies. We design. We manage. We train. You benefit

After a recommendation from corporate clients, Elite Private Fitness were approached by The British Medical Association to tender for the contract to design and manage their corporate on-site gym. The BMA gym was opened in 2017 and boasts 450 members who enjoy regular weekly group class sessions, personal 1-2-1 training and on-going induction programmes. This service and training was continued online during the COVID-19 pandemic offering online group classes and 1-2-1 personal training during this time.

We also manage the on-site staff gym for Dechert LLP at their London office in Blackfriars with a member base of 200 staff.

Our philosophy is about providing a complete solution for your health, mobility and fitness requirements. We offer a results-based service, tailored to each individual. Our ability to provide straightforward answers to complex problems will take you to a new level.

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