"I love the HIIT classes, thank you so much for putting them on. I can't tell you how much of a difference they make to my week.

Some of us are busier than ever and it really helps to take your mind off work for a while doing the classes".

Ruth Staunton, British Medical Association

"I have been training with Jason for 9 years and can honestly say that he pushes me to levels that I did not think possible. From helping with painful muscles and joints to hellish training sessions he really knows how to get the best out of you. He has made me ache in places that I did not know existed but if you are serious about improving your fitness I would recommend Jason 100%".

Justin Brand, Wimbledon

“Jason has been training me for over 7 years beginning just after my second pregnancy and subsequent third pregnancy which involved a C section. During this time, as an active person, I suffered from various sporting injuries. His holistic approach to fitness and health is far more effective and he understands what makes each of his clients’ tick.  

I was told by a specialist after my skiing accident I would not be able to run on my knee again without considering surgery. Jason's knowledge of functional training has been invaluable in rehabilitating my knee and I since withstood several triathlons and 10K runs.  His expertise of diet is extremely useful and his no-nonsense approach ensures you get results”

Joanne Pickles, London

“I have been training with Jason for over 10 years having been introduced to Jason by another trainer. It didn't take me long to realise that previously I had been wasting my time and money. ​I can honestly say my weekly one-hour session with Jason is the worst hour of my week but the most beneficial in terms of results, as he works you so hard to the point where you think you can take no more, However the results (in conjunction with his diet tips) are worth the pain and agony!​”

Sarah De Bunsen, London

"Jason has done such incredibly good work with myself and my wife, for both our rehab and beyond. Jason is without doubt the most professional trainer I have ever encountered and completely altered and improved me from those dark days when the ruptured disc and even hip issues surfaced, with careful mobility and strength training". 

Charles B, London

"I've trained with many PT's in the past, but none like Jason. I have health problems that impact my balance, coordination and muscle endurance., but after two sessions with Jason, I was able to do walking lunges holding weights—something that may sound easy, but I had never been able to do. Thanks to Jason's guidance, my muscle strength, endurance and tone have all improved dramatically and he instilled confidence in me and continued giving me exactly the right motivation and challenges".

Rebecca, London

"I have been training with Jason for the last 4 years and he is without question the best trainer I have had, since moving from LA to London eight years ago.
With his extensive knowledge of training and nutrition, he has the ability to change the way you look and feel, and is an expert at reducing body fat and building muscle , reaching muscles that other trainers cannot reach! 
I come away from each session feeling fitter and stronger"

Fiona Beazley, London

“After having worked with Jason Corrie it's obvious to me that in addition to possessing a high degree of competence and skill as a trainer, he also possesses the attributes of a professional who deeply cares about his clientele. The evidence of his concern presents itself in what appears to be an absolute commitment to the contribution of not only the quality of his sessions, but to the enhancement of their quality of life”. ​

Bobby Cappuccio, Co-founder at PT Academy Global

“I have worked with Jason now for over 5 years and I have to say he’s the first person who has ever worked so amazingly well with my injuries, strength imbalance and years of running issues.
We have had fantastic results with the strength training, all focused, challenging and fun!!
I have achieved amazing results, resulting in a huge success in my Triathlons, winning age group qualification, enormous ability to train harder and smarter, and much shorter re-hab from a major shoulder operation.
Jason is so brilliantly up to date within his work, and hugely passionate about it and I cannot recommend him h
ighly enough”.
Polly Rogers-Dixon, Guildford

“Jason is a highly qualified, experienced personal trainer and created a totally bespoke fitness regime for me including effective workout programmes supplemented with nutritional advice. He completely transformed the way I exercise and I am delighted with the results, and now spend less than half the time in the gym but am much leaner and toned than previously. He is passionate about health and fitness and keeps his clients are up to date with the latest research on diet and exercise. I highly recommend you try him for yourself!”
Maria Farrell, London

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