Elite Private Fitness is the official fitness partner for the BMA/BMJ employee gym.

Read the full interview here from the FMJ. 


Getting healthy and staying healthy starts with a 20-30 minute induction. During this session, we will give you a full demonstration on how to set up correctly on every piece of equipment.

Booking your induction is easy. Click on the link below, sign-up/create an account then send us a 'session request' from the Calendar tab.

We are available for inductions on Tuesday 13th December 2022 between 12-1.30pm.

Be sure to download the PAR-Q form below and bring it with you to your induction.

After your induction, you're ready to use the Tavistock House staff gym. 

Don't miss our 15 minute HIIT class every Friday lunchtime on Zoom. Email us for more info.


Our personal trainers are available to help you achieve your fitness goals. Personal training packages we are currently offering include:

Staff gym 
10 Pack (10 x 60 min) PT Sessions - £499 
5 Pack (5 x 60 min) PT Sessions - £275
1 PT Session (60 min) PT Session - £59

Online via Zoom
30 minute sessions - £25 
60 minute sessions - £50