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Turn your workplace into your gym with Elite Private Fitness

Elite Private Fitness design and manage corporate gyms or improve your existing corporate gym to boost your employee benefit scheme and reduce healthcare costs by improving your company’s well-ness programs. We will fully staff and manage your gym with our specialist personal trainers.
In these challenging times, with the need to keep your employees safe, our services - unlike other gyms used outside of our corporate gyms - will offer your employees more availability and flexibility to exercise without the heavy demand external high street gyms will experience due to numerous office workers wanting to book at the same time.
With a workplace gym, employees can exercise whenever it's convenient, focusing on their health and wellness. Saving money on a gym membership also acts as a financial incentive to employees and the convenience of a gym on-site enables them to exercise during a lunch break for example, helping employees fit everything into their busy schedule. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle, including eating nutritious food and exercising, are undeniable. People are more productive, happier, less stressed and less sick when they take care of themselves. 
If you have space in your office, we also offer on-site training and classes. We will risk assess the area and come up with a solution to provide your employees with training facilities on-site at times convenient to you.
Boost your employee benefits and reduce healthcare costs by making exercise part of the normal workday.

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